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Penis Enhancement Surgery - Yes or No?

In the past few decades the medical community has made enormous advances in cosmetic surgery. We can now lift, tuck and hide away most of our physical flaws by simply going under the knife.

The field of phalloplasty (penis enhancement surgery), however, has progressed at a slower rate. The primary reason for this is the simple fact that the penis is a complex organ. We can't just cut it open, pump in extra mass and expect it to function as normal.

At present there are several methods by which the penis can be enhanced through surgery, with each approach carrying with it a different risk factor.

These are:

Ligament Surgery

The penile shaft is attached to the body at the pubic bone, held in place by the Suspensory and Fundiform ligaments. When these ligaments are cut the penile shaft falls downward, exposing more of its length.

Ligament surgery typically increases the flaccid length rather than the erect length of the penis. However, gains can only be sustained with consistent use of penile traction methods to ensure that the ligaments do not heal too quickly, drawing the shaft back into the body.

While ligament surgery can offer impressive flaccid gains, clinical studies have failed to prove that the method significantly increases erect length. Additionally, the severing of the penile ligaments leaves the penis less stable than before surgery, increasing the risk of penile fracture during penetrative sex.

Silicone Injections

Injections of silicone into the penis can dramatically increase its erect girth. In fact, the technique is popular with adult film stars who wish to create the appearance of a larger penis.

Unfortunately, this method of penis enhancement comes with several unpleasant side effects. The treatment is irreversible, and in time the injected silicone may gather at the base of the penis to form an unsightly solid lump.

Additional side effects include loss of sensation, deformation of the penis and inability to perform penetrative sex.

Penile Implants

Most common in cases of chronic impotence, penile implant surgery entails the implantation of inflatable balloons to replace the two Corpora Cavernosa of the penis – the spongy tissue running the length of the penis that fill with blood during arousal. These implants can be inflated by hand using a pump attached to the groin to create an erection on demand.

Clearly, penile implants should only be considered as a last resort when it is no longer possible to achieve an erection, as the treatment involves the replacement of much of the penis and carries a very high risk.


While there have been many great advances in cosmetic surgery in recent years the same cannot yet be said for phalloplasty. Penis enhancement surgery has so far proven to be high risk, costly and broadly ineffective.

While some patients experience modest gains in length or girth, surveys have shown that over two thirds of patients regret choosing a surgical option. All surgical enhancement methods carry a high risk or permanent scarring and severe damage to sexual performance, and should be considered only as a last resort until safer and more successful methods are developed.


While we wait for safer and more effective surgical techniques most doctors will recommend that prospective surgical patients attempt less drastic enhancement methods. The most effective non-surgical penis enhancement methods available today are:

Penis Stretching

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Using the same type of traction equipment used following ligament surgery, a penile traction device gradually pulls the penis downward, stretching the tissue and increasing both the flaccid and erect length of the penis. The treatment comes with minimal risk as it does not cause significant stress to the penile ligaments.

Penis Pills and Patches

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High performance penis enhancement pills and patches can be extremely effective for increasing the capacity of the Corpora Cavernosa, allowing additional blood to flow into the penis upon arousal – and therefore increasing its erect length and girth. Using proven herbal ingredients and targeted nutrients these treatments improve blood flow and boost maximum erectile volume.

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MaxPenis has provided several resource pages containing reviews of the best – and worst – penis enhancement treatments available today. One piece of advice to bear in mind is that you should ensure that your chosen treatment has been endorsed by medical professionals. Many pills available on the Internet have been proven to be ineffective, so you should ensure that your choice has been endorsed before purchasing.

Penis Exercises

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The cheapest non-surgical method of penis enhancement is simple exercise. A range of exercises have been developed that can improve the efficiency of the vascular system, increasing the maximum capacity of the penis and allowing for larger erections. These exercises can also increase erection duration, repair curvature of the penis and improve erection hardness. MaxPenis has provided a resource page to discuss the effects of penis exercises and point you in the right direction.

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